About Zorokuen

Zorokuen is the mansion of the Kitamae-bune owner's. Traditional Japanese gardens and wildflowers bloom. Old trees and famous stones are placed in the traditional Japanese garden to form a deep space. Beautiful flowers bloom every season in the wildflower garden.
There is also an antique and Kutani ware gift shop. Please spend a relaxing time drinking matcha or coffee.

About Kitamae-bune

Kitamae-bune is merchant ships around 18th to 19th centuries. Connecting Osaka and Hokkaido along the Sea of Japan while buying and selling goods. They made huge profits by buying and selling at the port of call.
At that time, Hashitate Village was the richest village in Japan.

The History of Zorokuen

The natural stone of Takiishi in the garden resembles a turtle, so it was named Zorokuen by Toshika Maeda, the 14th generation of the Daishoji feudal clan.


Address : ra47 Hashitatemachi,Kaga,Ishikawa
Opening Time : 9:00am-17:00pm(There is a temporary closure)
Admission fee : 400yen

Kaga Tour Bus CANBUS

From Kaga Onsen Station, get off at the Zorokuen bus stop on the Sea Route.
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